Anonymous asked: Check out them Rihanna nudes my nigga.


Rihanna has new nudes leak every year, they come out like Jordans




all i learned from this nudes leak debacle is that beyonce don’t fuck with jay-z like that nigga prolly in the cut waitin for pics and all he gettin is emojis


beyonce send that nigga polaroid nudes, in a case that only open wit his finger print, by pony express and that shit burst in to flames after 4 seconds like a snapchat.

F l a g r a n t.


i remember when i first got on tumblr i uploaded this pic of my girl at the time and errybody was sayin her face was beat but at the time my hood wasnt up on the slang and beat meant a bitch was ugly so i joaned the shit out like 4.7 bitches before somebody inboxed me what it meant that was wild